SGS SABHA activities - religious functions

Religious Functions like Ganesh Chaturthi, Saraswati Pooja, Sutta Punnav and Sathyanarayana Vrita (Vaikunta Ekadashi Day) are observed. The most popular programme is Ganesh Chaturthi which is celebrated for five days every year. Almost all GSBís in the city take part in this event with enthusiasm. A corpus has been formed to cover the expenses associated with the Chaturthi celebrations. On all the five days there are daylong programmes consisting of Bhajans, mass recitation of Ashtottara, Mood Ganapati and of course Samaradhana. The Sri Ganesha worshipped in the SGS Sabha is believed to have granted the wishes of many devotees who in gratitude have made offering of cash, kind, gold and silver. The festival is gaining strength year after year thanks to the Lordís blessings.



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