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The Trust has set up an Old Age Home in Chennai. The Home was inaugurated on 16th April 2005. Click here for the details of Old Age Home, and how you can help in these charitable activities.

Life at old age home

There was some apprehension before we gave our applications. You see we had only heard of the names of persons who had stared the Home. We did not know them personally, will they treat us properly, will we be looked after well, will we just have to sit around and eat what they give to us.

We were relieved to a large extent even on the day we were interviewed for being taken into the home. They asked us questions only to find out about our general conditions and the interview was held in a very friendly atmosphere. We know that the persons who interviewed us were eminent and well to-do persons of our Community. But they made us feel that we were talking to some friends only.

All our fears vanished on the day we saw the Old Age Home on its inaugural day. There were new cots, new beds, new bed-sheets etc. and we were all honoured by having a set of clothes etc. being given to us by the Chief Guest of the function. Never in our lives did we have such an experience of being treated with such honour.

We were only 7 when the Home started in April 2005. Although there were two dormitories with fans and attached bath-rooms all seven of us decided to use only one so as to save on electricity. No one asked us. It was our own decision.

We are given freedom to choose menu for our break-fast, lunch and dinner. This we do keeping in view our health etc. and we ourselves are conscious that we should not waste food or be extravagant on spending.

There is no paid cook, we have now 11 persons in the Home. We cook and clean the place ourselves. This keeps us usefully occupied and also encourages us all to work together, take turns to do various jobs etc. Once a week or so, a casual worker is engaged to clean the bathrooms thoroughly, remove cob-webs etc.

We have some open space where we have grown some vegetables, banana and papaya plants. On quite a few days we use the items grown by us for our lunch etc. This gives us a lot of satisfaction and excitement. All of us spend at least one hour every evening in the garden. This open air exercise is good for our health.

We were not very sure how we could spend our time in this Old Age Home. We had heard that in some places, old people had to just sit and gossip around waiting for kitchen bell to ring. But in our Home, since cooking etc. is done by us only we donít find time is hanging heavily. We also have a T.V. on which we see

Serials like Anandham, Penn, Nimmadhi, Kolangal, Muhurtham, Selvi, and Selvangal etc. There is a tape-recorder with lots of cassettes on Bhajans and Stotras

Whenever any repair etc is needed, we tell Arjuna Paimam or Radhakrishnamam and these are got done immediately. Radhakrishnamam also arranges to have groceries and provisions supplied as and when needed.

Vijayalakshmimai, who we call Moushi, visits us at least twice or thrice a week and teaches us Bhajans. We all sit together every evening and sing Bhajans for one hour before our dinner. Most of us have small note books in which we have written down our favourite bhajans.

Among Trustees, Ranjanmam and Baligamam visit us at least two or three times in a month. The moment they come they go round to see whether every thing is kept neat and clean. This ensures that there is no laxity in our efforts to maintain the premises well, when they complement us we feel very happy.

One good thing is we are all living like a family assisting each other. Some of us feel that this is the first time we are living a life of dignity and realize that we are wanted - not just tolerated.

There were two large lunch gatherings held recently on 16.4.2006 to celebrate the first anniversary of the Old Age Home and on 18.6.2006 to celebrate the 80th Birthday of Smt. Radha Mahale whose Trust had made available this large building to the Sabhaís Charitable Trust. They were very enjoyable functions which enabled a lot of persons to see the Old Age Home functioning and for us to meet them.

Dr. Shanthamai is a most considerate Doctor we have met. She visits us at least once a week and because of this we are not worried about falling ill. She also guides us in our food habits.

We also go to Kashi Math every month for the medical camp and for some major functions. Some of our Community members also invite us occasionally to the S.G.S. Sabha for wedding functions etc. These outings are a welcome diversion to us.

Every month we have donations from about 4 to 5 persons for sponsoring the dayís expenses. We have this displayed on a special board, and during lunch time this is announced after which a small prayer is sung seeking Godís blessings on the donor. Perhaps, very soon, we may reach a stage where all the 30 days of the month will have sponsors.

All in all we are very happy in this Home which has been set up by the generous help of our Community. We on our part assure you all that this generosity is not misplaced - some thing which you can see for yourself when you visit us and find us living like one family.

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