SABHA management

The Sabha is managed by a Managing Committee elected during the annual general body meeting once in 3 years.

Consequent to the relocation of Sri Suresh A Pai, Joint Secretary to Bangalore, he has resigned from the post and his resignation was accepted effective 29th March 2021 by the Managing Committee.

Sri Praveen Kamath, a member of the Managing Committee was nominated as Joint Secretary effective 29th March 2021 and Sri N Gopaul Shenoy was co-opted as a member of the Managing Committee in place of Sri Praveen Kamath, who was nominated as Joint Secretary, effective 29th March 2021 to maintain the Managing Committee strength at 12, under clause 7 (K) and 7 (M) of the Bye Laws,

The present committee is as follows:


Dr. S. Dinesh Nayak


Sri B. Balakrishna Rao

Hon. Secretary

Sri Vasant M. Shanbhag

Joint Secretary

Sri Praveen Kamath

Hon. Treasurer

Sri Suresh Shanbogue


Smt. Vijayalakshmi R. Pai
Sri V. Muralidhara Rao
Smt. Vijayalakshmi R. Prabhu
Smt. K.P. Kiran Rao
Sri R. Sathyanarayana Shenoy
Sri M. Uday Kamath
Sri N. Gopaul Shenoy

The committee meets regularly every month. General Body Meeting is held every year in September.


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